Nestled amidst a spectacular mix of rugged mountains, shifting dunes, harsh gravel plains, dry prehistoric river beds and endless Camel-thorn trees (Acacia Erioloba), you’ll find Weltevrede, a welcome oasis of friendly hospitality at the end of your adventurous day.

Conservation and Sustainability

  • Energy saving : Various solar energy supply options are implemented.
  • Water saving : Grey water recycling to water plants.
  • Going Green : We have a compost heap and recycle as much as possible and plant some of our own vegetables and herbs.
  • Wildlife conservation is being practiced by the current owners since 1994. Numerous man-made waterholes have been established, some requiring daily manual filling.
  • Nature conservation staff is assisted with maintenance of bore holes & water is supplied in emergencies.
  • Assistance : We support numerous conservation programs , such as Vultures Namibia.


All our staff members, with their respective families have been living on the farm for several years. The staff and their families receive continued experiential and skills development training ( like cooking, tourism, decorating, clothes making, knitting, human relations, etc.) and support in the education of their children.


We are actively involved in supporting the communities police, health and conservations services.