Weltevrede’s vastness and natural features provide an excellent backdrop for creative photography. 

Weltevrede is home to at least 60 known bird species.

One can witness the behaviour of the Namaqua Sandgrouse in the mornings from one’s porch outside the rooms.

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Lappet-faced Vulture (Aegypius tracheliotos)
Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk (Meliarax canorus)
Pygmy Falcon (Polihierax semitorquatus)
Lanner Falcon (Falco biarmicus)
Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrine)
Red-necked Falcon (Falco chicquera)
Rock Kestrel (Falco [tinnunculus] rupicolis)
Greater Kestrel (Falco rupicoloides)
Helmeted Guineafowl (Numida meleagris)
Common Ostrich (Struthio camelus)
Common Quail (Coturnix coturnix)
Secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
Ludwig’s Bustard (Neotis Iudwigii)
Ruppell’s Korhaan (Eupodotis rueppellii)
Northern Black Korhaan (Afrotis afraoides)
Crowned Lapwing (Plover ) (Vanellus coronatus)
Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover) (Vanellus armatus)
Spotted Thick-knee (Dikkop) (Burhinus capensis
Double-banded Courser (Rhinoptilus africanus)
Double-banded Sandgrouse (Pterocles bicinctus)
Namaqua Sandgrouse (Pterocles namaqua)
Speckled (Rock) Pigeon (Columba guinea)
Cape Turtle-dove (Streptopelia capicola)
Laughing Dove (Streptopelia senegalensis)
Namaqua Dove (Oena capensis)
Rosy-faced Lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis)
Spotted Eagle-owl (Bubo africanus)
Common (European) Swift (Apus apus)
White-backed Mousebird (Colius colius)
Acacia Pied Barbet (Tricholaema leucomelas)
Various Larks
Grey-backed Sparrowlark (Finchlark) (Eremopterix verticalis)
Barn (European) Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Pied Crow (Corvus albus)
Ashy Tit (Parus cinerascens)
African Red-eyed Bulbul (Pycnonotus nigricans)
Various Chats
Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler (Parisoma subcaeruleum)
Long-billed Crombec (Sylvietta rufescens)
lack-chested Prinia (Prinia favicans)
Pririt Batis (Batis pririt)
Long-billed Pipit (Anthus similes)
Common Fiscal (Fiscal Shrike) (Lanius collaris)
Bokmakierie (Teophorus zeylonus)
Pale-winged Starling (Onychognathus nabouroup)
Dusky Sunbird (Cinnyris Fuscus)
Scarletchested Sunbird (Nectarinia Senegalensis)
Cape Sparrow (Passer melanurus)
House Sparrow (Passer Domesticus)
Sociable Weaver (Philetairus socius)
Southern Masked-Weaver (Ploceus velatus)
Violet-eared Waxbill (Granatina granatina)
Black-faced (Blackcheeked) Waxbill (Estrilda erythronotos)
Red-headed Finch (Amadina erythrocephala)
Scaly-feathered Finch (Sporopipes squamifrons)
Yellow Canary (Crithagra flaviventris)
White-throated Canary (Crithagra albogularis)
Short Toed Rock Thrush (Monticola Brevipes)
Marico Flycaatcher (Melaenornis Mariquensis)
Red Billed Quelea (Quelea Quelea)
Dierderikkie (Diederik Cuckoo)